Video Embroidery Machine Video Embroidery Machine 21st century sustainability is what we stand for. At Needles & Stitches we exclusively use the finest quality yarn and textile blanks. Our partners are based in geographically close proximity leaving a minimal CO2 footprint.

We offer every kind of textile blank, from a doctors gown to a chefs cooking vest. Our embroidering business is proudly using a state of the art Melco EMT16x Embroidery Machine. Trusted by elite firms like Nike, Disney and New Balance Melco is the leading textile embroidery machine manufacturer.
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Content Photo Embroidery Machine Alongside the newest machinery, we use innovative foam underlays for 3D effects. But that’s not all. As times are changing in the textile print industry we have realised that traditional textile presses are bulky and slow. The new printing machines are efficient in producing large quantities in short periods of time simultaneously acting more environmentally friendly. Print with embroidery is the most sophisticated textile finish you will find. Our team is experienced in sending and receiving your blanks. We consult and will help you realize whatever project you would like to realize free of initial charge. Explore morearrow_drop_down_circle Content Being creative is a important part of the embroidery operation. I myself have been doing art in countless forms, from professional contemporary music to Graffiti Art.

I have been customising textiles, even daily used electronics since a young age. I will ALWAYS be able to give you new inspirational ideas helping you along the way to producing a custom embroidery finish. Bring your ideas to life with Needles & Stitches. There is nothing we can’t stitch.
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